2013 Hot Dog Eating Champion of the World!

1341489193-nathans-famous-hot-dog-eating-contest-draws-thousands-to-coney-island_1315596If I say “Coney Island”, your well-tuned word association response would most likely be “Hot Dog”.  Correct?  Interestingly enough, this initial response is amplified and expanded upon during the 4th of July at the Original Nathans’ Famous Frankfurter in Brooklyn, New York.  The 30,000 attendees at this annual contest would jubilantly respond “Hot Dog Eating Contest”!

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, 29 years old, has swallowed his way to a record breaking, 7 time Hot Dog Eating Championship.  Joey has rigorously trained and eaten his way to victory for 7 consecutive years.  In merely 10 minutes, Joey shoved 69 hot dogs down his throat.  It was like watching a disaster unfurl.  Horrific and yet riveting.  I felt helplessly compelled to watch every grueling, nauseating minute. Before my eyes, this trained eating professional slipped into a gustatory trance and gorged his way to victory while trumping his previous record of 68 hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes.

How many hot dogs (with buns) can you consume in 10 minutes?  I’ve wasted considerable time seriously pondering this question since viewing the hot dog-eating spectacle yesterday.  I’ll confess that I watched this well televised contest while prone on the coach after consuming a few too many lip smacking BBQ ribs (thanks Rick!!!).   I won’t even mention the hurt I put on the homemade macaroni and cheese and butter slathered corn on the cob.  How many hot dogs?  Come on…you can’t escape the truth.  Is it 6? 8? A baker’s dozen?  Honesty will make you free.

Next year Nathans will once again announce the 12 cities where you can compete to qualify for this event.  If one of those qualifying cities is Phoenix, mark my words I will most assuredly be there.  Some things are just better viewed up close and personal.